DJ Mario's International Music Puts Life in Arabic Weddings and Lebanese Parties in Montreal, Laval and Quebec.

Memorable occasions require more than just a group of people gathered to enjoy. Most of the time, a wedding, a birthday party, corporate event or any other event would be best enjoyed with music played by a disc jockey, plus a few drinks and a good night of dancing and partying.

For more than 20 years, DJ Mario has passionately dedicated his life to every wedding and party in areas of Quebec, Montreal, Laval and including Ottawa. DJ Mario never fails to inject an international music flavor into every occasion celebrated what with his unmatched talent in churning out music from all genres.

He is much appreciated by the youth and those young at heart, as they get to hear him perform the songs or music that they would normally listen to whenever heir mp3 earphones are plugged into their ears. Talk about versatility and you have DJ Mario!

DJ Mario is a hands-on performer who makes sure that everything is ready before the days shuffle to somebody's wedding or party. From the lights up to the lineup of music to play, he'll ensure everybody will have a wonderful time. Among DJ Mario's specializations are Arabic weddings and Lebanese parties where you'll find him serving mp3s of the 60s and the top 40 hits of the present. For him, there is no party if there are no led lights, good music and a lively atmosphere.

DJ Mario stands firm on the belief that music, like anything else in the world, changes more often than one thinks. With this in mind, DJ Mario makes sure that every event is treated differently from the past parties that he has attended. As he nears his second decade in the industry, DJ Mario feels fortunate that he has catered to different events that need a good energy and vibe.

From an Arabic wedding, a Lebanese party or simply a night of partying by the pool, DJ Mario has not failed in making every event a memorable one for each of his clients.

For DJ Mario having a fun night, whether a post wedding a party or birthday party, means not having to hurt your budget. With his competitive pricing, DJ Mario makes sure everyone in Laval, Quebec and Montreal would have a night of fun dancing today and in the days to come.

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Telephone:               +1 514 730 1730
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